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What Our Customers Are Saying

Yard Guards on Doody loves to hear from our customers. If you have a problem with our service, please tell us - we'll take care of it right away. If you like our service, tell your friends! We offer a free week of service for referrals (one time clean ups not included).

Commercial Customers

Florida Veterinary Specialists

Florida Veterinary Specialists/Tampa FloridaWe here at Florida Veterinary Specialists have been very pleased with Yard Guards On Doody, LLC. They take their "unique" occupation very seriously. We find them to be dependable, professional aand courteous. We highly recommend their services to any of our customers.

  • Sincerely,
    Darryl Shaw, Hospital Administrator
Hawthorne Place Apartment Homes

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to show my appreciation for the outstanding work Yard Guards On Doody has done on my property over the last year. Cheresee Rehart and her team have always been thorough, consistent and reliable each and every week. Any issues that arose were addressed and rectified immediately.

Hawthorne Place ApartmentsI appreciate the time they take to detail the grounds on our property. My residents have come to me time and time again commenting on the excellent service and friendly staff.

I would highly recommend Yard Guards On Doody to anyone in need of this unique service. I look forward to working with this company and continuing our relationship in the future.

  • Sincerely,
    Beth A. Miller-Property Manager
CrossWynde Apartments Community

Crosswynde Apartments/CondosThis letter is to confirm that Yard Guards On Doody services the CrossWynde Apartments Community. We have been very satisfied with their service and look forward to a long relationship with them.

  • Best Regards,
    Tera Hamby, Community Manager


Residential Customers

  • Andrea J. Neeper:
    Hi Cheresee - thanks so much!
    My Mum and Dad are very pleased with your service and said you were very nice when you came out last Monday and brought their welcome kit. They had never heard of such a service and my sisters and I are really glad that we could do this for them.  Dad can hardly believe that his poop-scooping days are over! :) Thanks again, Andrea
  • Holly:
    It's funny the comments I've gotten since I started using your service. The general theme is along the lines of "if you have too much money I'll be happy to take some off your hands!". People are slow to get it - especially if they are 1) totally healthy and 2) have a dog who's poop you can see without infrared technology or something from the military. It's worth more than you're charging. I didn't realize how much until you guys started doing it, and I went into my yard for the first time in probably 6+ months the other day to mow the weeds. And there was no dog poop. It was awesome. I mean, obviously there were some new presents there since you were out on Wednesday and I could tell some that had been there for a long, long time that have been overlooked but THAT IS NOT a criticism or a complaint! There's no way I expect every pooplet to be seen, not when they're as small as Angel's. I figure over time, it will all get dealt with. But my point is - the peace of mind that comes along with your service is worth more than I could ever afford to pay with money. Seriously.
  • Stacie:
    Cheresee, Thanks again for offering this great service! Perhaps you should hand out brochures at family therapists' offices, 'cause it sure took some major stress off of our marriage! Stacie
  • Nicole Bowser:
    Thank you so much. We are completely satisfied with our service. I am so glad I found you on the internet. I have passed out a few of your cards and told everyone how wonderful you are. Riley & JT loved their welcome gifts. :-) Have a great week
  • Scott Belles:
    (He is moving and this was written on his last payment to us) Thank you. I have nothing but good things to say about your company and employees.
  • Deborah Splitstone:
    THANKS SO MUCH!! This has already been SOOOOO MUCH HELP!! One less thing to worry about! Deborah
  • Patty Pirko:
    (They moved as well) Thanks Cheresee for the wonderful service. If you ever get to San Antonio look us up. Our emails will always be the same and our phone numbers for at least the next year and a half. Patty
  • Mara Mandell:
    Thank you so much for the pet sitting services. I was SO pleased with Sandi. I really, really felt comfortable with her taking care of my babies. I feel like she really cares about them, can relate to how I feel, and is totally capable of handling them all. In fact, I didn't even feel the need to call at all on Saturday, which is completely out of character for me. I was able to pretty much relax about them, even with this being her first time here, which is really amazing, and just enjoy myself (even though I really missed them). I think I would rather use you guys then my normal house/pet sitter, even if she were available. Thanks again. and please tell her thanks as well.
  • Debbie Noonan:
    Thanks again for all your hard work - and again - the yard looked GREAT!!!!! I will have a check in the mail to you tomorrow.
    p.s. The dogs loved their presents!!! Very kind and thoughtful of you!!
  • Corinne Pixton:
    Great Service!! My yard is so clean - no fear of stepping in "mess" - thanks!!
  • Laura Walker:
    I was sold as soon as I read the article about your services. This is one job I was happy to pass on. Love your service, thanks!
  • Jason and Erin Whidden:
    You're the best! We recommend your service to anyone! Thank you for all you continue to do for our family!
  • Melanie Reno:
    Thank you for coming up with a great way to make our lives easier. It's one less thing I have to worry about on my day off. Thank You!
  • Kim Fowler:
    You guys do an awesome job!! Your customer service skills are the best and you’ve always been there when needed. I appreciate you!
  • Lisa Distefano:
    You are wonderful just as you are. Anything further would be a wonderful bonus- Thank you.
  • Jenn Buttice:
    Thank You!! For your service!!
  • Jamie Morrow:
    You provide a great service to me and my home. Please don’t get “too big” where you lose yourselves in big business. Your current services are very valuable and needed in our communities!
  • Amy Thompson:
    My husband and I really appreciate all your great work. Not only that, but your customer service is outstanding! Thanks for doing such a great job and for the friendly service.
  • Janet Colie:
    You guys are TERRIFIC!!
  • Karen Hart:
    This is a great service! You guys are awesome!
  • Christina Cramer:
    Your services are outstanding! Thank You!
  • Sam Haslet:
    I want to thank you for you personalized care you provide to us. We love you Yard Guards On Doody!!!
  • Rachel Figueroa:
    Thanks for the great service!!
  • Alice Kirkpatrick:
    You are doing a great job! Thank you for the “goodie bag” for my dogs. (A very nice touch.)
  • Marty and Annette Simmons:
    Marty, Nala, Willow, Boulder and I will officially be moving May 16th. Thank you so much! Yard Guards On Doody will be greatly missed when we move to Fresno, California.
  • Eric Giallanza:
    My Mother wanted me to call you and thank you for the gifts for the dogs. They love them and are playing with them right now. You are very nice and do a very professional job. Thank you very much!