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Common Questions & Answers

General information about our customer service policies and procedures.
How Often Does Our Company Come Out?

Most of our customers prefer once a week service. We also scoop twice a week, as well as every other week. One time service is also available. (Three times per week may be available, depending on your location.) Please note that we will clean your yard on your service day, but we can not guarantee the same time every visit. Our schedules and routes are constantly changing.

What Happens If The Weather Is Bad?

We work in just about any weather conditions. We will not work in hurricanes, tropical storm warnings, lightning, or severe thunderstorms. You do get charged, as we will try to make up the missed work that same week. If we can not make up the work that week, we will pick up the extra poop on your next visit.

What About The Holidays?

We want you to be completely satisfied, so we do work most of the holidays. We are one of the only Poop Scooping Services that offer holiday service. We do not work on the following holidays: Thanksgiving Day / Christmas Day.
You do get charged, as we make up the work on your next visit. If you clean your yard yourself, you will not be charged.

Should I Unlock My Gate?

Yes. Since employees are not to climb or jump over fences, please have your gate unlocked on your service day. You may provide us with a key to the lock if that will be convenient for you. If we are locked out more than once, you will get charged half price for the visit. (Half of the battle is getting there!)

Can We Work With Your Dog In The Yard?

If your dogs are friendly, and will allow strangers in your yard, then yes we can work with your dogs in your yard. If your dogs are aggressive or vicious we can not work with them in your yard. They will have to be out of the yard while we are cleaning it.

First Time And One Time Service

One time service and yards with a lot of accumulation will be charged $25.00 for the first bucket and $10.00 for each additional bucket. We use 4 ½ gallon buckets.

What If I Want To Skip A Day Or I Go On Vacation?

Please call us in advance, so we do not come to your property. You will not be charged if we have prior notice. You do get charged if you do not notify us and we come to your property.

Do I Have To Sign A Contract?

We can start and stop service over the phone, so we have no contracts to sign regarding service. We may have a contract for you to sign regarding aggressive and vicious dogs. After the 1st incident with an aggressive or vicious dog, you will be asked to sign a contract, allowing us to enter your yard with your knowledge that you are responsible should your dog(s) attack us or hurt us.

Service Charge

Residential service charge is $3.00 per month. Commercial service charge is $5.00 per month

When Do I Pay You?

For a first time visit with accumulation, or a one time visit, payment is due once we have completed clean-up that day. For those with regular service, we will mail an invoice towards the end of the month. Payment is due by the 15th of the following month. Late fee $10.00 Returned check fee $20.00

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We strive to provide perfect service, but if there is ever a time when our service in not completely satisfactory, please let us know right away. We will make it right, either by coming back to re-clean the yard, or by crediting your account so you won’t be charged.