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MJ Morning Show welcomes Yard Guards On Doody!

MJ Kelli with Cheresee and Marjorie in 93.3 studio

MJ Kelli pictured with Cheresee and Marjorie

Cheresee, Hurricane and Marjorie
Froggy and Hurricane

Hurricane with Cheresee and Marjorie / Hurricane and Froggy

Marjorie and Fester
Fester and Cheresee

Fester and Marjorie / Fester and Cheresee

Joey B. and Tim
Joey B.

Joey B. with Tim / Joey B. thinking I can't believe there is a company that does this!

Marjorie and Froggy
Ryan "Seacrust"

Froggy and Marjorie / Ryan "Seacrust"

You can listen to MJ on 93.3 FLZ -website